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Sometime in the 1940's a group of former scouts got together to form the Cedar Chips, an alumni association that would financially and logistically support Boy Scout Troop 237. In 1991, again the association was re-formed and retained the name Cedar Chips. To date, they have raised an excess of $20,000 to strengthen our program, and are ready to do more.

One of the major concerns in 1991 was that the "kids on the street" had no real place to hang out and could easily get into trouble. In cooperation with the troop's sponsor, Holy Name, we began construction on the "Scout Room," and is now known as the Windsor Terrace Scout Center. Alumni dues and contributions made the following possible:

  • Each patrol has a patrol corner for meetings and equipment storage
  • Instead of two electrical outlets and four lighting fixtures, the electrical system has been completely renovated and brought up to code
  • There are several computers to track advancement, equipment inventory, publications, and general scout use
  • There is now a bathroom in the Scout Center
  • There are several sinks in the Scout Center
  • We have a maintenance shop to repair equipment and build projects. It is complete with a drill press, table saw, radial arm saw, scroll saw, dremel tool, belt sander, drill, planer joiner, eyewash station, and woodcarving tools
  • We have rappelling gear for the troop high adventure program
  • We constructed a rappelling training tower
  • We own archery and rifle equipment, as well as mobile ranges
  • There is a complete, fully outfitted, Scout Fitness Center for physical training
  • There is a shower in the Fitness Center
  • Lockers were installed for each scout to keep his personal equipment
  • We constructed a fully functional photography lab for instruction and program development
  • There is a complete audio-visual and sound system installed in the entire Center, including cable television capabilities

To see all of these amazing renovations, take a Virtual Tour of the Scout Center.